Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 19 – Cupcake?

When you own a Cupcake Business and you’re on The Ultimate Reset!! The old me would of been eating this vanilla buttercream icing by the spoonfuls! 😳 I have the strength and the willpower not to give in. I have 2 days left and a bunch of supportive people cheering me on! You know you … Continued

Cupcakes, Oreo, Peanut Butter Cup & Oreos

Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 18

I can see the finish line ahead of me and I am running towards it full speed ahead!! I can’t believe I only have three days left. I was reading the Ultimate Reset guidebook on what to do once the reset is over.  The book basically says that you should go backwards with the phases … Continued

Dont look back

Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 17 – My Biggest Influence

Transformation Tuesday! I have weekly coach training with my team and this weeks lesson was Influence.  What does the definition of influence mean to me. Do I influence others? Who has influenced me in the past and right now.  Influence to me is inspiring others to be better, and having people look up to you and … Continued

Old photo of my grandmother sitting outside with her dog

Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 16 – Happy Motivational Monday!!

Can you believe it’s my final Monday of The Ultimate reset?! I finally feel relaxed and almost fully back to normal now that Mom is home and feeling much better. It’s very stressful and emotional to see a loved one sick and in pain. Even though I stuck to the supplements and meal plan, I … Continued

Wake up with determination, go to bed with statisfaction

Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 15

Happy Sunday!    I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start my final week of The Ultimate Reset.  I am officially down 7 pounds in two weeks.  I am finally back to the weight I was before all of my partying and indulging of bad foods and alcohol.  I feel so much lighter and … Continued

Snap peas