Ultimate Reset Phase 2: Day – 9

The rain is gone and the sun is finally shining!

It’s Monday! The rain is gone and the sun is finally shinning!  I usually dread Mondays but not today.  I woke up feeling well rested and full of energy. I wish I could spend the day outside but I have a busy work day ahead of me.

Sun rays shining on tall grass and a tree
I think it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Guess what, I’m even more excited about! I finally made a Shakeology shake for breakfast. It was so creamy and chocolatey, I felt like I was cheating on my Ultimate Reset.  I’m definitely going to have another one this week.

Shakeology on the go!

Today’s lunch is beans and rice with a microgreen salad, toasted pumpkin seed and  creamy garlic salad dressing. Yum…Yumm!

I think I am offically past the phase of headaches, aches, pains and hopefully the emotionally roller coaster. I also, didn’t have the 3 0’clock slump today. All last week during the afternoon I would get super tired and want to do nothing but nap. Today,  I am still fully wide awake and full of energy.  

My Monday’s been so good, I didn’t even mind the detox drinks…haha! Just kidding!

Ultimate reset detox supplement
Detox supplement
Ultimate reset detox supplement mixed with water
Detox supplement mixed with water. Ready?

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