Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 16 – Happy Motivational Monday!!

Can you believe it’s my final Monday of The Ultimate reset?!

I finally feel relaxed and almost fully back to normal now that Mom is home and feeling much better. It’s very stressful and emotional to see a loved one sick and in pain. Even though I stuck to the supplements and meal plan, I was worried my stress and anxiety were going to mess up my progress so far. I don’t believe it has. I am feeling really good. I haven’t felt this great in a long time.

I’m actually thankful mom and I decided to do the Ultimate Reset when we did. I think she would still be in the hospital struggling with her blood sugar levels and recovering all while my stress level and bad eating habits would be at an all-time high!!

Gell Well Soon Loretta Cupcake
Thank you Amanda, for making mom smile. Liam enjoyed the cupcake!

I started making small changes.

Since I missed a couple of days at work last week, I know today is going to be very busy and maybe even a little stressful but I’m not going to let any of that stand in my way. Years ago I would have let every little thing bother me. I would always have negative thoughts running through my head. I would actually “sweat the small stuff.” It was unhealthy, unproductive, and making me sad and depressed. Back in 2012, I decided I no longer wanted to be that unhappy person. I walked away from the life I was living for the past 10 years. My home, my town, my personal items, and my significant other. I had never been so scared in my entire life. I didn’t know where I was going or what my future held but I knew it was for the best. It was one of the toughest decisions I’d ever made but I was too young not to live the life I wanted.

I struggled for over a year and a half with many different aspects of my life. From finding a new home, doing retail as a second job, being alone, losing my confidence, struggling financially and having a long daily commute to work. But even with all of that craziness going on in my life, it made me realize, I was still happier then I was before.

This made me change my ways very fast. I wanted to stop dwelling and worrying about the small stuff. I knew this wasn’t going to happen overnight. I started making small changes. Doing more for me and not worrying about what others would think. I started waking up in the morning thinking about all the things I was grateful for. Shortly after starting this, Chris and I started dating. I am the luckiest woman in the world. Chris is so kind, caring, patient, supportive, and loving. He came into my life at the perfect time. I truly have found my soul mate. In May of 2015, I became a fitness coach. In the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by positive, motivating, inspiring and uplifting people on a daily basis. I wasn’t used to all of this energetic energy.

I started a new fitness routine. I used to go to the gym everyday but I decide to get up early every morning and workout at home. It was a lot easier with my busy schedule. I started weekly meal prepping and eating a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. My health issues were disappearing and I was able to stop all of my prescription medications. I gained new friends who are striving towards the same type of goals and dreams as me. My team offers monthly coach trainings and this is where I was introduced to personal development books. I started stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to be happier.

Surround yourself with positive people

I am no longer that negative person I used to be. I now wake up and go to bed, feeling thankful. I truly LOVE my life now! I never thought I would ever be this happy. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and every person we meet in life serves a purpose.

This doesn’t mean that I’m never stressed, sad, emotional or overwhelmed with life. It just means I now know how to handle all the bumps in the road better than I was in the past. I don’t let the bad things out weigh the good. I no longer let the negative life events stop me from moving forward.


What motivates you and makes you want
to be your best self?!

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