Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 17 – My Biggest Influence

Transformation Tuesday!

I have weekly coach training with my team and this weeks lesson was Influence.  What does the definition of influence mean to me. Do I influence others? Who has influenced me in the past and right now. 

Influence to me is inspiring others to be better, and having people look up to you and learn from you. To develop a behavior and to leave a footprint in this world.  Helping to change lives. 

You dont have to be a person of influence to be influential.

My biggest influence

Growing up my grandmother influenced me the most. She starting teaching me everyday things when I was very young. I remember grocery shopping alone when I was about 6 years old.  My grandmother would write her grocery list and send me into the store with the list and a blank signed check. Man, did I hate grocery shopping. As I got older I realized she did this, so I would learn how to do things on my own.  When we would get home from shopping she would have me carry the groceries in, unpack and put the groceries away. 

Then, the cooking would begin.  I would sit on the kitchen counter and be her sous-chef, while she would show me how to chop veggies, measure ingredients, and show me how to make the delicious meal all come together.  She was teaching me how to take care of myself and become a young lady without me even knowing it. She was my best friend. I just loved being with her and watching her.  She was and will always be my hero and biggest influence in my life.  Thank you for everything grandma.  I love you.  

Old photo of my grandmother sitting outside with her dog
My Grandmother.

People influence me daily

I currently have a few people in my life who influence me daily and I’m not even sure they realize how much or even at all.

One them being my friend Lauren Mowatt.

Lauren started her weight loss journey in October of 2015. She was unhappy, insecure, depressed, and failing. She didn’t want her past and present to dictate her future.  She knew she needed to change her life no matter how hard or challenging it was going to be.  She took baby steps in the beginning of her journey from meal prepping, exercising and personal development daily.  As the weight and inches fell off, Lauren was gaining her confidence back.  Today, Lauren has lost 70 pounds and 74 inches off her body!  Talk about dedication and not given up when times got rough!  
From time to to time, Lauren still struggles with staying on track. She’s human and all humans love great food. But her dedication and mindset are so different now that she is healthier and happier. When Lauren sees herself falling off the tracks, she shares it with the world. She yells it from the social media rooftop that she’s far from perfect but now has the ability to get back on track before her world crashes fully back into bad habits. 


Lauren decided to do the Ultimate Reset in April.  I followed her journey from beginning to end. She inspired and influenced me to really step out of my comfort zone to take a leap and just go for it. Lauren was truthful and told everyone it was the hardest, but most fulfilling thing she’d ever done.

She lost 15.5 pounds and 14.5 inches in just 21 days.  Lauren didn’t just lose weight and inches. She gained more insight and knowledge of what foods and toxins do to our bodies.  After the Ultimate Reset Lauren decided she wanted to continue having a vegan lifestyle for her health. She also feels this experience has made her more adventurous with recipes and healthy nutrition. 

Ultimate Reset before and after, Marci's friend Lauren

Thank you Lauren for being honest, open, inspiring and motivating.  You’re daily social media posts and energy fills a room even though we aren’t standing next to each other. Thank you for being you! 

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