Ultimate Reset Phase 3: Day – 18

I can see the finish line ahead of me and I am running towards it full speed ahead!! I can’t believe I only have three days left.

Walking in the sun

I was reading the Ultimate Reset guidebook on what to do once the reset is over.  The book basically says that you should go backwards with the phases to slowly bring back in certain foods.  You can also continue smaller doses of the supplements and just eliminate the detox drink. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Supplement Schedule for Maintenance

Optimize: Twice a day- 1 capsule

Revitalize: Twice a day- 1 capsule

Power Greens: 1 packet a day in the afternoon

Soothe: 2 Capsules 30 minutes before dinner

Mineralizer: if I continue to drink distilled water. 

I plan to continue to drink fluids and then wait 30 minutes to eat and again after I eat, wait 30 minutes to drink.  It’s a great habit I’ve formed. I think this has also helped with my digestion a lot.

I will also be gradually adding back in exercise. First week will be light resistance training. 50% of my maximum effort.  Week two I’m good to dive right back in! 

So, next week I plan to continue to eat fruits, veggies, seeds, and some grains just like this week. I might also bring Shakeology back in as a snack with a half of scoop.

Vegetable basket

I really thought this week was going to be the hardest since it’s a lot less food then the last couple of weeks. But to my surprise I’ve been very full each day. It’s like magic. I want to feel this satisfied all the time.  Makes me wonder if it’s all in my head again. Am I not hungry this week because I know this adventure is almost over?! 

Maybe I’m just finally done releasing all the toxins from my body and I’m finally feeling content and normal.  Perhaps my body is just about fully reset back to its natural state?!

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