What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The Beach Body Ultimate Reset is a three-phase program designed to get toxins out of our bodies. Without starvation. Without having to be near a bathroom all day. A deep, total health transformation. A total body reset to get people healthy on the inside, the same way our exercise programs get us in shape on the outside. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset helps maximize the energy production within your cells, improve your body’s ability to process fuel from nutrients and assist every process in your body in running more smoothly.

Phase 1: Reclaim: You will reclaim, your body, preparing yourself for change. You will slowly start to remove the stress on your digestive system and help get your body back to a healthy pH balance. In this phase, you will gradually remove red meat and dairy from your diet.

Phase 2:  Release:  You help Release toxic compounds that are clogging your intestinal tract, blocking proper nutrient absorption. As harmful substances are carried away, your body may begin to feel lighter and you may notice an increase in energy. You will now be eating a fully vegetarian diet.

Phase 3:  Restore:  You begin to Restore your body to maximum efficiency, introducing essential enzymes and probiotics, and helping your body get the most from the foods that you eat-now mostly fruits and vegetables.

Here are the six supplements and what they do.

Mineralize: Adds natural minerals needed by the body. It is a pure crystal salt, containing up to 70 natural minerals and elements. You will add this to the distilled water. 1/4 tsp to a per gallon

Distilled Water:  Water helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints and muscles, flush waste from your cells, cleanse your internal organs, balance fluids, and eliminate toxins from your bloodstream.  Distilled water is the purest water available-only it’s oxygen and hydrogen molecules remain.  Drink a gallon of distilled water a day.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Mineralize Supplement
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Mineralize supplement & distilled water.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Optimize Supplement
Optimize: Promotes Healthy Metabolism and effective body functions.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Power Greens Supplement
Alkalinize: Helps maintain Alkalinity. The overall pH level in your body. Along with promoting a strong immune system.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Soothe Supplement
Soothe:  Helps enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Detox Supplement
Detox:  Helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Revitalize Supplement
Revitalize:  Helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.

Exercising:  No Strenuous exercise during the 3 weeks because the Reset is giving your body a serious internal workout. It’s important to  allow your nervous system to remain in a relaxed state. You don’t want your body to repair muscle tissue at the same time.

Marci stretching

Things you should do while on the Ultimate Reset:  Breath, Stretch, Daily Walks twice a day for about 20 minutes each.  You can also do some Restorative Yoga or Tai Chi.

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